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Sudipto Das

A Peek at Root, a Bot That’s Capable of Teaching Programming to Children

Programming has become a part of the basic literacy. Several bots are available in the market that can serve this purpose effectively from the likes of Dash and Dot,

Mar 05, 2020 Academics Career Options
Sudipto Das

10 Applications of Statistics in Real Life

Statistics are a set of math equations used to analyze the happenings in the real world. When it’s used correctly, statistics can inform us of the trends of things that had happened in the past. It might also be used to predict the trends of things that might happen in the future. There are

Feb 27, 2020 Career Options
Sudipto Das

Why Do You Need to Build Your Child Resume From Professional?

Resume writing is an art which can have a lasting impression on a prospective employer. So it is extremely important to highlight the strengths tactfully so that the intended message can be passed on to the audience. Writing a high-quality resume can be a tough task for a child if he or she is ne

Sudipto Das

Top 6 Perks of Learning English Online

In today’s era, English has become one of the most important and essential languages in every profession. If you know how to read, write, and speak English, you will shine. There are various ways which allow you to learn English. It does not matter if you are a kid, teen, or adult. Educatio